Presents for everyone: Construction Car Racing Kit and Handpresso Wild Instant Espresso

For the growing workman or toy auto lover in the house the Construction Car Racing Kit is a brilliant blessing. Its accessible on Amazon here:

The Racing Car Kit comprises of 30 sections which are utilized to make and tweak an amazing Racing Car. It even incorporates an electric drill to aid construction.

We as a whole realize that going out and finding batteries subsequent to acquiring a present can be a torment and fortunately ThinkGizmos have gotten ready for this so everything expected to appreciate the Construction Car Kit is incorporated into the box, including all required batteries.


The Construction Racing Car Kit has included lights and sounds for authenticity and impact. Basically turn the motor on as with a genuine auto and it will start up. The auto can be disassembled and remade again and again which will likewise enhance fixation and discover hand aptitudes.

The next time you find yourself needing a real espresso, but are in the unthinkable position of being less than 500 yards from a Seattle coffee shop, the Handpresso Wild Instant Espresso could be the answer. Despite the name, this coffee-making masterpiece uses real coffee grounds and a little bit of ingenuity to give you the perfect espresso, wherever you are. Pump the handle of the Handpresso Wild to create pressure and when the built in dial reads 16bar, open the unit, add an Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pod and 50ml of water, press the button and out comes a perfect cup of espresso. Now with the Handpresso Wild Instant you can have a cup of finest espresso wherever and wherever you choose. Shaped like a short shiny black stick, topped with a clear water reservoir through which you can see the coffee-making magic take place, the Handpresso is like a wizard’s wand, dispensing a thick, authentic espresso within seconds. The compact nature of the Handpresso Wild means it can be taken anywhere and everywhere, fitting comfortably into a rucksack or briefcase. The Handpresso Wild Instant Espresso machine gives you a quick caffeine hit whenever, and wherever you want without having to track down a coffee shop, saving you both time and money. This espresso machine is also an eco-warriors dream, relying as it does on you to create the pressure required to make a cup of joe. Look Ma, no batteries! And because it is so simple to use, you will be making your own finest coffee in seconds, without the usual BA degree in fine art required to be a barista! Please note that the Handpresso does not heat or store water so you will need to take a thermos on your travels too.


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