Ultimate Gift Ideas: RC Excavator and Immortal Video Sunglasses

Introducing the Remote Control Excavator from ThinkGizmos. The next toy you buy for your children should be this as it will provide hours of fun.

You can purchase it on Amazon here.

The Remote Control Excavator is designed to look just like the real thing. It is made to a 1:45 Scale and features realistic lights and sounds to add to the realism.

It also features a cab which can rotate a massive 680 degrees just like the real thing and moving tracks so it can manoeuvre wherever it is needed.

With a press of a button the RC Excavators scoop and arm will spring into action moving to dig or pickup whatever is in front of it. The best thing we found was to use this in a dry sand pit and then it’s like being on a real building site.

Fidn out about real excavators here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compact_excavator

With most electrical RC Toys, the issue with buying them is finding the right batteries or not having any spares at home. Well don’t worry as ThinkGizmos have got you covered. In the packaging for the Excavator is everything required to enjoy the toy, this includes all required batteries for the Excavator and the Remote.

Also as a little added extra in the box a sheet of stickers is included so you can customise your Excavator just how you want it.

Check out these other awesome Excavator toys in action:



Spy themed gadgets are awesome fun and according to the movies, can potentially save the World. As a result it is down to all of us to own at least one spy gadget in case saving the world comes down to us. Obviously if the gadget can provide some material benefit to us in the meantime, then it has to be a better choice. The Immortal Video Sunglasses are undeniably useful firstly because they help protect your eyes against harmful Ultraviolet rays and help you see clearly on bright, sunny days (we do get them occasionally). So that’s the useful function, what about the spy action? Well built into the bridge of the glasses is a tiny 3 megapixel video camera, allowing you to record what’s going on around you, capturing nefarious criminal activities, photograph blueprints or just take nifty pool party pics hands free. Featuring 4GB of internal memory, you can easily record plenty of video and the rechargeable battery will keep going for 2.5 hours between charges. With a head mounted video camera masquerading as sunglasses, it is also possible to capture footage of other more extreme activities such as skiing, mountain biking, snowboarding and sea fishing. And for the more fashion-conscious, the Immortal Sunglasses come with a selection of switchable coloured lenses (orange, polarized grey or clear) to match your outfit and a sturdy metal storage case for when you are not using them. When you get home, just connect your glasses to your PC using the supplied USB cable and pull the WMV video files off the internal storage for burning to CD or emailing to your mates. Or MI6 if you really are a spy of course.


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