Think Gizmos BBQ

With the afternoons getting longer and warmer it’s almost that time of the year to pull off the cover from our BBQ’s, scrape off last year’s mess and start looking forwards to hosting some long awaited garden parties. Why not get the little ones involved with the TG712 BBQ set from Think Gizmos?
This fun toy has a lot of features packed into an easily portable playset that will keep children entertained for hours as they flip burgers and sizzle sausages for family and friends.

As soon as we took this out of its packaging we were amazed at the amount of accessories that come with it, cooking utensils like tongs and a BBQ fork, a mini ketchup bottle, a plate and my favourite part – 3 pieces of food that change colour and mimic being cooked.

The main BBQ itself is a good size for a toddler and is made from strong plastic which is also non-toxic so you don’t have to worry if your child decides to try the colour changing food.
There is some basic assembly required but it is super easy to fit together and resembles a real BBQ when finished.
This BBQ also has LED lights installed below the grill and has realistic cooking sounds to truly immerse children’s imagination.
Once the fun is over, this set can be packed down into an easy to carry and store size, I would also recommend this as a camping toy or for a day at the park or beach because of its portability.

The set itself comes with everything that your child will need to turn into a true grill master (including batteries!) and can be found on amazon for £24.95

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