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TG916 Portable Table Top Dishwasher

Bored of hand washing your dishes at college but no room or access to a typical dishwasher? Think Gizmos may have the product made just for you! The portable table top dishwasher is ideal for any student looking for an easy way to get clean dishes without doing all the hard work yourself. It’s compact, efficient and makes the perfect move-to-college gift from your family or friends.

What is it

The TG916 Portable Dishwasher from Think Gizmos is such a useful machine, perfect for any student who wants to enjoy the college experience without having to worry about their dirty dishes. It will fit in your college room or kitchen easily and doesn’t require any plumbing changes.

The machine isn’t difficult to use. It has 5 simple settings which you can just set, and press go. It also has an automatic drying mode and then a preserve mode which protects your dishes from mildew build-up for 24 hours. No more smelly dishes being left around!

It’s ideal for if you live alone or even want to share it with your roommate as it can fit up to 3 table settings worth of dishes and cutlery.

Review from Amazon

“I love this machine. It saves me so much time and pain not having to stand and wash dishes.”

Where can I buy

The Portable Washer is currently on the Think Gizmos website, Amazon and Ebay at just $279.95. They also sell portable washing machines which are ideal for college as using the provided ones are such a nightmare. Check out their website at to find out more.

TG910 – Portable Washing Machine with Wash and Spin Cycles


Going on a camping trip? Worried about your dirty clothes stinking up your RV whilst you’re on holiday? Never fear, Think Gizmos has the product for you – the portable washing machine! There is nothing worse than coming home with dirty laundry to do when you’re back from being away. Calm vibes from the holiday ruined! With the portable washing machine, you never have to deal with that again. With a weight of just 24lbs (11kg) it is perfect for your RV or taking in your car on camping trips.

What is it

The THINK GIZMOS Portable Washing Machine from Think Gizmos is the ideal portable washing machine for people who don’t have access to or the space for a regular washing machine during their road trips.

The machine features both a wash and spin tub with capacity of 7.9lbs (3.6kg) for wash and 4.4lbs (2kg) for spin. All that is needed for the washing machine to work is access to water and a power plug. The best part is that it is so easy to use! Simply fill with water and washing powder and set it cleaning. It is an efficient little machine with a lot of power but surprisingly quiet.

Whats included

Included in the box are the washing machine, water fill hose, Drainage Tube and fully translated manual (languages included English, German, French, Italian and Spanish).

Review from Amazon

This washing machine arrived promptly the next day. I’ve bought it to use in my static caravan, so I tested it at home beforehand. I only put a few clothes in, and it washed them fine and was easy to use. I was surprised at how efficient the spin dryer is, just the same as my normal washing machine. The machine is fairly lightweight and was e for me to move”

Where can I buy

Currently the THINK GIZMOS Portable Washing Machine is available on Amazon and Ebay at $219.95. Think Gizmos don’t stop there though! There are even more portable products to use in your RV and for camping trips. One I particularly like is portable dishwasher. Check out their website at if you want to see what is available.

Think Gizmos BBQ

With the afternoons getting longer and warmer it’s almost that time of the year to pull off the cover from our BBQ’s, scrape off last year’s mess and start looking forwards to hosting some long awaited garden parties. Why not get the little ones involved with the TG712 BBQ set from Think Gizmos?
This fun toy has a lot of features packed into an easily portable playset that will keep children entertained for hours as they flip burgers and sizzle sausages for family and friends.

As soon as we took this out of its packaging we were amazed at the amount of accessories that come with it, cooking utensils like tongs and a BBQ fork, a mini ketchup bottle, a plate and my favourite part – 3 pieces of food that change colour and mimic being cooked.

The main BBQ itself is a good size for a toddler and is made from strong plastic which is also non-toxic so you don’t have to worry if your child decides to try the colour changing food.
There is some basic assembly required but it is super easy to fit together and resembles a real BBQ when finished.
This BBQ also has LED lights installed below the grill and has realistic cooking sounds to truly immerse children’s imagination.
Once the fun is over, this set can be packed down into an easy to carry and store size, I would also recommend this as a camping toy or for a day at the park or beach because of its portability.

The set itself comes with everything that your child will need to turn into a true grill master (including batteries!) and can be found on amazon for £24.95

Think Gizmos Musical Robot Kit

Finding it tricky to buy something that will entertain your teenagers or even yourself? Think Gizmos have the solution! The Musical Robot Kit is the ideal puzzle to keep you busy for hours.

What is it? The Musical Robot Kit is a wooden construction kit that is made up of 221 pieces and provides a challenge for anyone over 12. The pieces are laser cut ensuring that the robot fits together nicely and are designed to last. In addition to this, the wood used for this is eco-friendly as it is untreated natural plywood without dye or varnish. What makes the robot so cool in comparison to other wooden construction kits is that the robot can actually move its arms and legs!  What I most love about the robot is that it plays music and has a light shining through its heart, making it come to life. Once you have wound it up, the robot will start playing a song and you can see the cogs moving through the robot’s see-through head! I wonder if you can work out what this song is that its playing?

What’s included? The kit includes everything you need to build the robot from the pre-cut wooden sheets to the little screwdriver. The best thing is that batteries are included so no need to worry about those!

Personal Review of the robot: The Musical Robot Kit was one of my favourite construction kits to build. With so many pieces and intricate details to the product, it kept me busy for many hours and provided me with a fun project to complete without a screen being needed (a rarity in these times!)

Where can I buy this? This product is available in all the usual places such as Amazon and Ebay. It can also be found on Onbuy and can be purchased from the Think Gizmos website at a cost of £29.95 with free delivery.

Ultimate Gift Ideas: RC Excavator and Immortal Video Sunglasses

Introducing the Remote Control Excavator from ThinkGizmos. The next toy you buy for your children should be this as it will provide hours of fun.

You can purchase it on Amazon here.

The Remote Control Excavator is designed to look just like the real thing. It is made to a 1:45 Scale and features realistic lights and sounds to add to the realism.

It also features a cab which can rotate a massive 680 degrees just like the real thing and moving tracks so it can manoeuvre wherever it is needed.

With a press of a button the RC Excavators scoop and arm will spring into action moving to dig or pickup whatever is in front of it. The best thing we found was to use this in a dry sand pit and then it’s like being on a real building site.

Fidn out about real excavators here:

With most electrical RC Toys, the issue with buying them is finding the right batteries or not having any spares at home. Well don’t worry as ThinkGizmos have got you covered. In the packaging for the Excavator is everything required to enjoy the toy, this includes all required batteries for the Excavator and the Remote.

Also as a little added extra in the box a sheet of stickers is included so you can customise your Excavator just how you want it.

Check out these other awesome Excavator toys in action:



Spy themed gadgets are awesome fun and according to the movies, can potentially save the World. As a result it is down to all of us to own at least one spy gadget in case saving the world comes down to us. Obviously if the gadget can provide some material benefit to us in the meantime, then it has to be a better choice. The Immortal Video Sunglasses are undeniably useful firstly because they help protect your eyes against harmful Ultraviolet rays and help you see clearly on bright, sunny days (we do get them occasionally). So that’s the useful function, what about the spy action? Well built into the bridge of the glasses is a tiny 3 megapixel video camera, allowing you to record what’s going on around you, capturing nefarious criminal activities, photograph blueprints or just take nifty pool party pics hands free. Featuring 4GB of internal memory, you can easily record plenty of video and the rechargeable battery will keep going for 2.5 hours between charges. With a head mounted video camera masquerading as sunglasses, it is also possible to capture footage of other more extreme activities such as skiing, mountain biking, snowboarding and sea fishing. And for the more fashion-conscious, the Immortal Sunglasses come with a selection of switchable coloured lenses (orange, polarized grey or clear) to match your outfit and a sturdy metal storage case for when you are not using them. When you get home, just connect your glasses to your PC using the supplied USB cable and pull the WMV video files off the internal storage for burning to CD or emailing to your mates. Or MI6 if you really are a spy of course.


Presents for everyone: Construction Car Racing Kit and Handpresso Wild Instant Espresso

For the growing workman or toy auto lover in the house the Construction Car Racing Kit is a brilliant blessing. Its accessible on Amazon here:

The Racing Car Kit comprises of 30 sections which are utilized to make and tweak an amazing Racing Car. It even incorporates an electric drill to aid construction.

We as a whole realize that going out and finding batteries subsequent to acquiring a present can be a torment and fortunately ThinkGizmos have gotten ready for this so everything expected to appreciate the Construction Car Kit is incorporated into the box, including all required batteries.


The Construction Racing Car Kit has included lights and sounds for authenticity and impact. Basically turn the motor on as with a genuine auto and it will start up. The auto can be disassembled and remade again and again which will likewise enhance fixation and discover hand aptitudes.

The next time you find yourself needing a real espresso, but are in the unthinkable position of being less than 500 yards from a Seattle coffee shop, the Handpresso Wild Instant Espresso could be the answer. Despite the name, this coffee-making masterpiece uses real coffee grounds and a little bit of ingenuity to give you the perfect espresso, wherever you are. Pump the handle of the Handpresso Wild to create pressure and when the built in dial reads 16bar, open the unit, add an Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pod and 50ml of water, press the button and out comes a perfect cup of espresso. Now with the Handpresso Wild Instant you can have a cup of finest espresso wherever and wherever you choose. Shaped like a short shiny black stick, topped with a clear water reservoir through which you can see the coffee-making magic take place, the Handpresso is like a wizard’s wand, dispensing a thick, authentic espresso within seconds. The compact nature of the Handpresso Wild means it can be taken anywhere and everywhere, fitting comfortably into a rucksack or briefcase. The Handpresso Wild Instant Espresso machine gives you a quick caffeine hit whenever, and wherever you want without having to track down a coffee shop, saving you both time and money. This espresso machine is also an eco-warriors dream, relying as it does on you to create the pressure required to make a cup of joe. Look Ma, no batteries! And because it is so simple to use, you will be making your own finest coffee in seconds, without the usual BA degree in fine art required to be a barista! Please note that the Handpresso does not heat or store water so you will need to take a thermos on your travels too.


Christmas Stocking Fillers: Wireless Sound Hat and Dinosaur Triceratops

As the nights draw in, temperatures drop and Jack Frost begins to show his unfriendly face in the mornings, many a person begins to think about their Winter wardrobe. Coats, gloves, scarves and hats all come out of storage and the more geeky of us wonder why technology hasn’t manage to change clothes in the same way it has every other aspect of our lives. Why don’t we have more microchips in our clothing? The Wireless Sound Hat is the first step in rectifying that situation however. Looking like a normal black beanie, the Wireless Sound Hat boasts a pair of integrated headphone speakers stitched into the fabric itself; just pull the beanie down over your ears and you’re ready to go. Almost. Because first you must plug the magic wireless transmitter box into your iPod/iPhone/MP3 player using the affixed 3.5mm plug. Then press play on your music player, drop it and the receiver in your pocket or bag, and enjoy the tunes being streamed wirelessly into your ears by the hat. We don’t know exactly how it works, but the Wireless Sound Hat really does transmit music directly from your iPod without the use of wires. Available in two sizes, small and large, there is a Wireless Sound Hat for everyone, regardless of their head size. Could this be the reason The Edge (he of U2 fame) is always wearing a beanie…? So with the Wireless Sound Hat you get a cool item of headwear which integrates cool technology but which keeps you warm, if you know what we mean. Cool. And Warm. Cool!

The awesome looking Triceratops Dinosaur makes the ideal gift for kids this Christmas and is available through Amazon here.

The super looking Dinosaur features great roaring sounds and whilst walking around its horns flash.

Everything you need to enjoy this Dinosaur is included in the box so just open it up and your Dinosaur is free to roam. Made from Non-Toxic Recyclable ABS Plastic which is durable and high quality making it the ideal addition to any play room.

Also included in the manual is a fact sheet about the Triceratops so  children can learn whilst they play, however if you would like to know more then further Dino information is available here.